THE RIGHT WAY..With 72 People

I Earned 3.2 Bitcoins in 8 Weeks

(3.2 Bitcoin = $24,567)

But It COULD Have Been 20 Bitcoin!

20 Bitcoin = $150,000

Now I'm Starting OVER With 72 People.

And Teaching Them How To Do This The RIGHT Way!
Be Part Of It.



8 Weeks ago, I was on a business trip in Dallas and met a guy named James Wiggins while hanging out at a Starbucks in the hotel where I was staying at. He was there on other business but our paths crossed by way of a mutual contact that introduced us.

Long story short, James and I formed an instant bond after discussing our experiences and struggles in the direct marketing industry. I appreciated his humility and his obvious love for people and helping them "win." but I was impressed with his track record of success that is documented well on Youtube (yes, I trolled him LOL).

As James shared his story of how he'd built numerous traditional businesses and described the unprecedented success he had experienced in the network marketing industry, I quickly realized his experience combined with mine could be a game-changer for any program we partnered in. Those were the thoughts that crossed my mind as our initial meeting turned into several hours of discussion.

While we sat at Starbucks, I couldn't help but notice his phone "DINGING" every few minutes. I proceeded to ask James why his phone was going off so much?

Are you launching something? I asked.

James response was, "I've got a bitcoin venture I started in November that is doing extremely well."

My curiosity got the best of me and I began to ask questions which he answered without hesitation.

James proceeded to expose me to a program that had already netted him over $300k in bitcoin earnings and he had only been doing it for about 4 months! I was FLOORED to say the least!

I WAS Bitcoin & Crypto STUPID!

Allow me to preface this with the fact that prior to this meeting, I was resistant to anything "Crypto" or "Bitcoin". I had been approached with several "Investment" and "mining" deals that shut down fast, but this was JAMES sharing this with me.

I liked the guy and his lack of experience with bitcoin and technology, opened my mind to the fact that if HE did it, so could I!

I made the decision to lock arms with James in this "Bitcoin venture" that was making his phone "DING" so much. I didn't own any bitcoin so I sent him $192 via PayPal so he could fund my account with the .0167 to start this venture.

James Was RIGHT. It Worked!

I followed SOME of James advice and within a few days began earning bitcoin almost every other day! Keep in mind, I didn't even own a crypto currency wallet! The great news is I was playing with the "HOUSE" money day 1!

To start this venture it took .0167 BTC which was about $192 at that time (Bitcoin has since gone down in value so it's less to start these days).

8 weeks later, between my sons and my account, I've earned over 3.2 BITCOIN with a $192 total outlay??

Let's do the math... I started with $192

I have earned 3.2 bitcoin (todays price - $7400 per bitcoin) =

Total Earnings in BitCoin Value = $23680

So why am I RE-LAUNCHING this venture that's already netted me almost $25k in bitcoin value?


I wasn't a good listener and did not take James advice in the beginning.

At the start of this, I structured my team the wrong way and while my current structure will surely continue earning bitcoin daily and weekly, I'm INTENT on doing this the RIGHT way so I can document this venture's results when doing this the right way.


I'm willing to START OVER because starting over means MORE people will earn and the $25k that I was so excited about earning already would have been more like $150k doing it the RIGHT way...

So here we go! This is my proposal...

For years I've focused on building technology systems, platforms etc. While I'm still committed to this and beginning to realize tremendous success in that realm, this Bitcoin program has my mind spinning from the results I got doing this the WRONG way.

For the record, James is about to top $600K in bitcoin value earnings since NOVEMBER and he taught me EXACTLY how to do what he did.

He told me the secret number to reach this goal is 36 people, therefore I'm doubling this number since I have massive lists and networks to draw from and the 72 people (you?) I select will be handed these lists on a silver platter so they can duplicate the plan I'm following...

Be one of the 72 and WIN.

Here's a proposal to you...and everyone who makes up "VENTURE72".

First Off, Set Your Fear Aside Like I Did
  • You don't need to know ANYTHING about crypto or bitcoin
  • You don't need to own bitcoin. I've got plenty I can exchange for you.
  • You don't need to be a sales person to do this (I have lists/systems)
  • Only takes an hour a day to do this (do more make more, your choice)
  • You don't have to be a "techie"
  • NO monthly "auto ships" or products to order or consume and sell
And For The Record
  • This is NOT an "Investing in bitcoin" program
  • This is NOT "Mining bitcoin" (whatever that means LOL)
Now For Participation Requirements (No exceptions)
This takes .0167 BTC , .0667 BTC or .2167 BTC one time to Start

(This Is A ONE TIME Payment - NO MONTHLY'S!)

(If you don't have bitcoin, I will convert mine, you will pay pal or cash app me to start as I did with James when I started)


(tippy toe option - If you cannot start with option 2, this is for you)

- Start w/ a MINIMUM of 1 Level 1 Slot / Aprox $140 USD (per current BTC value)



-Start w/ 1 Level 1 Slot + 1 Level 2 Slot = Aprox $500 USD


(ONLY For Those Who Can Afford - Do NOT use the MILK money!)

-Start w/ 1 Level 2 Slot + 1 Level 2 Slot + 1 Level 3 Slot = Aprox $1603

After You Enroll

- My assistant will get you qualified for a BitPay Visa Debit Card

(Use this card to SPEND the bitcoin you earn or convert it to CASH!)

-My assistant will help you establish a crypto currency wallet

-You and I will schedule a private web conference so we can get to know each other and strategize together in person.

A Chance To Be One Of 72

If you want to learn and EARN at the same time, complete the form below. I will select 72 people for a Venture that I'll document and make into a case study.

Be part of a success story for a change where you are actually making money. The failures of the past do not dictate the success you can have now and in the future. I've failed many times but this is WORKING and so much that I am actually posting this on my PERSONAL Facebook wall (my parents are my friends on facebook!)

For those who need to "Analyze" and spend hours to "Know Everything" before starting, you do not qualify for this venture.

I've got the results to show and over 20 years experience in marketing and add another 20 that James has. To work directly with us is worth 10 TIMES what you will pay to start this. We are not charging you to work directly with us and we HAVE the goods.

The two of us have the experience to help all 72 people do EXTREMELY well here. We're just not interested in working with people who have to spend days being "analytical", sorry.

This is about making BITCOIN which means MONEY!

And for those who have been in past programs with me and feel you failed, it's time to change your thought process. I've NEVER quit and that's why I have WINNING programs that you CAN plug into now...You know who you are...


If you have already signed up with me in my original position...

What does this mean for you?

-This group will go into the SAME matrix that I built originally which could mean spillover for you, so this is a win for you no matter what so RELAX.

-If you signed up with me and want to RE-START your matrix and do it the right way like I am?

YES, you can have multiple positions and you will get FIRST preference and positioning in this venture.

Yes, you can start over as well, and you will have to pay again (like I am!)

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